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No. Process Device Name Precision Processing Range
1 Forging Blank Air hammer Rough forging A variety of forging parts
Forging roll
Electric screw press
Precision punch
Robot welding
Plasma cutting machine
For precision forging. the dimension tolerance can ne controlled within 0.3,/For Precision punch, the dimension tolerance can be controlled within 0.1, flatness and parallelism 0.03 Rolling forging for ring, parts/Direct forming for steel parts with complex shape, Rotary extrusion for thin-wall pulley sprocket. Steel sheet drawing for thin-wall parts.
2 Heat treatment Pit fumace / Box-type furnace / Universal furnace / 40-500KW intermediate frequency and high frequency quenching equipment MAX HRC65(±1),variation range ±HRC1 / The deformation of vacuum quenching ≤0.05 / The surface hardness of nitriding HV1200-1400, deformation≤0.01 Quenching and tempering / Quenching carburizing and quenching / Salt bath quenching / Vacuum quenching / Subzero treatment / Liquid nitriding / Gas nitriding / Carbonni triding / QPQ treatment / high-frequency quenching
3 Lathe processing Imported full-automatic vertical and horizontal CNC machine Dimension tolerance grand 6 Inner bore≥6mm,
Outside diameter≤2000mm,
Roundness, straightness,concen tricit≤0.01
Roughuess Ra0.8,Rz3.2
4 Drilling and milling process inported machining center
inported CNC tapping center
Tolerance of inner bore:grand 6 The min inner bore 1mm, metric, inch,American standard thread, min M 1.6
Position 0.05, roughness Ra 0.8 Length of workbench 1200mm, width 800mm
5 Tooth shape processing CNC gear hobbing machine / Gear shapingmachine / Normal gear hobbing machine The roughness of teeth surface Ra 1.6 Max module M=16/Outsude diameter ≤1500mm / Max teeth number:216
Concentricity 0.05
6 Grinding CNC cylindrical grinder / Surface grinder / Internal grinder Dimension tolerance: Grand 5 Outside diameter 3mm-200mm
Roughness Ra 0.4, Rz1.6
7 Other manufacturing process Imported vartical broaching machine hydraulic broaching machine The symmetry of keyway 0.03/ The tolerance of keyway grand 8 / the precision of spline grand 5 which is the equivalent of DIN grand 8 Straufgt keyway / Spline shaft and spline bore / special bore (square hole, elliptical hole)
8 Surface treatment Automatic electroplating production line The thickness tolerance of zine plated 0.003mm, neutral salt spray test 120 hours. Zinc plated, Non-chromate Dacromet treatment, chromium plated, black oxide treatment, phosphorization, anodic oxidation, nickel plating.
In order to continuously ensure cost-effective sprockets and create greater value for the customers,
a: SCS will invest a great amount of capital to bring in high-precision auto equipment every year.