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You Make SCS Wonderful——Activity Day for SCS Staff
2017/11/1 17:59:47

October 29th is the activity day for SCS staff. On this special day, all the SCS members were gathered together to attend various events of sports, entertainment and we had a great time together. The activity day was held on Sunday when all the workers could relax a little bit despite the tight production schedule.On the one hand, our workshop is very busy manufacturing the products to ensure the delivery time; on the other hand, we’re preparing actively for the PTC Asia 2017.

In the midst of our busy production and preparation, the activity day was held as scheduled. We attended a lot of sports activities, enjoyed the delicious buffet and at the same time, a lot of entertainment was provided.

First, many kinds of sports competitions were held, such as table tennis, badminton, billiards, basketball and some group events. In these games, we not only strengthened our body through exercise but also felt the importance of cooperation. In the SCS spirits of being harmonious, smart and transferring  success, we achieved great results in these sports activities.


After the sports activities,all of us were encouraged to stand side by side in the shape of ‘SCS SPROCKET’. Some precious photos were taken to record this wonderful moment. These photos represent SCS, represent our same values of 'stability control and service',and also represent all of the SCS members. In the end, we’re all invited to the buffet. A lot of delicious food was offered and some of us joined the karaoke after lunch.

SCS Sprocket Transmission Co., Ltd. is a high quality sprocket manufacturer and our business range includes sprockets, gears, shafts, flanges and other transmission parts. The successful holding of the activity day transfers the SCS spirits, enhances the cooperation among staffs and intensifies our determination to offer better service to our customers.