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The mission of SCS

Make transmission more stable.

The vision of SCS

Become the best sprocket manufacturer in the world.

The philosophy of SCS

Produce high cost effective products through continuous innovation, raising efficiency and reducing costs.

The values of SCS

Realize mutual development of enterprise and employees, and ultimately create the maximum benefits to our customers.

Our Slogan

Harmonious smart transfer success

The spirit of enterprise

Believe in yourself: face the challenge bravely; never say never in the face of difficulty, try hard and never give up.

Be a confident man.

Undertake courageously: in the face of difficulty or responsibility, undertake it courageously instead of drawing back or evading.

Be a responsible man.

Make progress positively: make progress positively is an important attitude to change yourself and improve yourself.

Be a learning person.

Cooperate efficiently: work proficiently and quickly, and cooperate well with your colleagues.

Be a team player.