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In addition to manufacturing standard and finished bore sprockets at fast delivery time, SCS owns its strength in manufacturingcustomized products with rich experience and advanced production process and equipment.

Under the guidance of the principle of “stable output”, SCS strives for zero-defect in its products and ultimately create the greatest value for customers:

1. Select high quality steel in domestic market;

2. Incoming inspection by spectrograph to ensure qualified raw material;

3. Automatic chamfering to realize details of products;

4. Tempering after quenching to ensure stable microstructure of the product,extend its lifetime;

5. Applying integral manufacturing process to guarantee the tolerance of shape and position for further machining, realize stable operation of the products;

6. Strict quality control system and comply with specification in the drawing strictly to ensure stable output of products, improve assembly efficiency of the end user and ultimately reduce the cost.