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Started from a small workshop, our company began to specialize in machining, including die forging, lathing and hobbing in the early 1980s. Gradually, we manufactured independently and began the mass production. Our products also started to enter the international market and our company was moving forward to a manufacturing export-oriented enterprise.

April, 2001
Changzhou Chunda Transmission Co., Ltd. was established in April, 2001.
April, 2003
Through introducing foreign capital and expanding production scale, Changzhou Shengtian Transmission Co., Ltd. was established in April, 2003.
May, 2003
The purchase, production and sales realized the information management by adopting ERP system researched and developed by ourselves in May, 2003.
July, 2003
Establish the brand awareness,SCS trademark was registered in July, 2003.
January, 2004
The self-operated export right was authorized by the government in January, 2004. Our ability to further enter into the global market was greatly strengthened.

January, 2007
The workshop was moved to a new site and the workshop area was expanded to 24,000 ㎡from the previous 6,800㎡ in January, 2007. The previous simple-equipped workshop turned out to be a modernized standard one with a modern office building.
January, 2008
SCS increased investment for the first time, and the registered capital increased from 120,000 USD to 860,000 USD in January, 2008.
December, 2009

The Quality Management System Certification of ISO9001 was gained in December, 2009.

May, 2010
The imported CNC lathing machines were put into use and the fine processing was greatly improved in May, 2010.
July, 2011
To meet more strict requirements of our customers, CNC machine was introduced to SCS in July, 2011.
July, 2013
In order to improve R & D ability and establish the brand awareness, the imported CMM was introduced to SCS inspection center in July, 2013.
September, 2013
SCS increased investment for the second time, and the registered capital increased from 860,000 USD to 5 million USD in September, 2013.
November of 2013
In November of 2013,SCS Sprocket successfully passed the quality inspection of the Thailand factory of Mitsubishi Electrics and officially became its sprocket supplier after 18 months’ sampling, trial and simulation tests.
December of 2013
In December of 2013, after going through strict field investigation, repeated samplings and trial order, SCS became one of the suppliers of Tsubakimoto Chain Co.——the pioneer of world’s top chain and transmission part manufacturers.
May of 2013
In May of 2013, the construction of the OEM workshop was finished.
March of 2014
In March of 2014, robots were put into use in the production line and production processes were made automatic.
December of 2014
In December of 2014, SCS received the message from the headquarter of world’s top agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS in Germany that we had successfully passed the inspection of CLAAS headquarter. This not only signifies that SCS has the qualifications to supply products to CLAAS headquarter and its subsidiaries, but it also indicates that SCS has established cooperative relations with world-class companies, which will have a great impact on company’s future development.
May of 2015
In May of 2015, by renovating the existing ERP system, the new version of ERP system was officially put into use, making the corporate management more effective, regulated and rational.
November of 2015
In November of 2015, SCS passed ISO14001—— an environmental management system certification. For a long time, SCS has been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its production and offering more environment-friendly products to customers.
The passing of ISO14001 embodies that SCS puts an emphasis on the sustainable development of businesses and the stability of products, thus constantly upgrading the product quality.
December of 2015
In December of 2015, SCS invested the capital in purchasing advanced equipment to carry out the technology upgrading programs of large-size agricultural machinery sprockets. The programs successfully passed the inspection and SCS was also rewarded for expediting the industry and corporate upgrading and transformation in the ‘Trinity’ development strategy launched by Changzhou government.
December of 2016
In December of 2016, upholding the operation principle of ‘putting credit first’, SCS was honored as the enterprise that complies with contracts and that honors credit and promises by the Changzhou government.
November of 2016
In November of 2016, the grand 20th anniversary in celebration of the establishment of SCS was held.
January of 2017
In January of 2017, SCS was added to the list of ‘Trinity’ enterprises of year 2016. Through constant technological reform and equipment upgrading, SCS expedited its transitioning towards the high-level equipment manufacturing.
February of 2017
In February of 2017, with the R&D department being established, we provided a great platform for advancing company’s technology and independent innovation.