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1、We advocate

- A Result-centric and responsibility-centric attitude to build efficient Execution;
- to commit Honesty, serious work, and faithful words;
- to improve continuously routinized, normalized, standardized management, speaking with data.
- that high-income is based on excellent performance which is the most responsible for our customers and ourselves;
- that our staffs are not only working for a living, but should focus on development of personal career and implementation of a shared vision for the company.
2、Employing Concepts

Treat the staff with love, develop the staff with strongpoint; fair competition, performance first. 3、Attitude towards Talent Talent, the value of which depends on the performance, is the first element of the development. 4、Requirements of Talent With diligence, loyalty, devotion, teamwork.5、Wage System-Emphasizes on the equality between customer contribution and the staff return;
-makes the company profitable and the staff high-paid by means of encouraging all to create constant high-performance and to provide valuable contribution to the company profitability.

6、Vocational TrainingWe do every effort on internal and external trainings for new and qualified staff, including company culture, operation, responsibilities and so on. training time ranges from 7 days to a month according to the relevant requirements and responsibilities of different jobs.
7、Extending Activities We give more attention to staff’s physical and mental health. Extending Activities are held every year such as basketball and tug of war to enrich spare time, and improve the life quality.
8、Channels of communicationCommunication channels, including but not limited to the following: the mailboxes of general manager, weekly summary meetings, morning meetings, topic meetings, etc. there remains a clear communication channels between the company and staff, to enable the staff to submit their own views and advice to the manager, even a higher superior under the open policy.